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Cocoon Box

La solución inteligente para el comercio electrónico.
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Project to characterize the behavior of R290 as a refrigerant inside a cabinet.

On the other hand, one of Frost-trol's fundamental objectives is the constant search for the best refrigeration solutions to optimize the energy efficiency of our products, which subsequently translates into a final reduction in the operating costs of stores and supermarkets. To achieve this energy efficiency, we work especially on the external and internal design of the cabinet, in addition to incorporating the necessary components to achieve a greater reduction in energy consumption.

DCR Air Curtain

In our vertical cabinets, we have been working for years on the optimization of the air curtain for the correct distribution of the air flow, guaranteeing its verticality to reduce to the maximum the thermal exchange between the inside and the outside of the cabinet, increasing the energy efficiency, ensuring the temperature of the products and their food safety.

Frost Smart Cabinet - FSC

Artificial intelligence at the service of commercial refrigeration.

The FSC (Frost Smart Cabinet) technology represents the standard of technological vanguardism in the refrigeration industry. This design responds to Frost-trol's commitment to the environment, with its total engagement on improving energy efficiency and on the performance of the services it provides to its customers.

H2OOP System

Today's society demands sustainable solutions that demonstrate the commitment of companies to the environment.

A sustainable solution based on water condensation.