DCR Air Curtain

In our vertical cabinets, we have been working for years on the optimization of the air curtain for the correct distribution of the air flow, guaranteeing its verticality to reduce to the maximum the thermal exchange between the inside and the outside of the cabinet, increasing the energy efficiency, ensuring the temperature of the products and their food safety.

To this end, over the last few years, we have evolved the design of the air flow distribution of the cabinet, creating a double air curtain capable of generating a differential velocity profile.

This double profile is intended to generate a double effect in order to increase the effectiveness of the air curtain. On the one hand, the induction of outside air into the cabinet air curtain is reduced, thereby reducing the volume of air entering the cabinet. On the other hand, the system improves the air conduction to the cabinet's suction duct, so that the humidity contained in the outside air that is induced into the curtain does not condense on the visible points of the cabinet. Both effects have a high impact on improving the energy efficiency of the cabinet.