Frost Smart Cabinet - FSC
Artificial intelligence at the service of commercial refrigeration.

The FSC (Frost Smart Cabinet) technology represents the standard of technological vanguardism in the refrigeration industry. This design responds to Frost-trol's commitment to the environment, with its total engagement on improving energy efficiency and on the performance of the services it provides to its customers.

This generation of intelligent cabinets joins the german concept of industrial digital revolution, understood in the refrigeration industry as refrigeration equipment with the ability to adapt its performance to the environmental conditions that arise as a direct result of the changes that originate in the cabinet during product recharges, door openings, humidity changes, etc.. Thanks to the inclusion of thermodynamic and psychrometric calculations that allow the cabinet to adjust its energy performance to any scenario.

If we don't measure, we don't know.
If we don't know, we can't predict.
If we can't predict, we can't improve.
What variables are measured?
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressures
  • Intensity
  • Voltages
  • Power factor
  • Door opening and closing
  • Product weight
What does this data tell us?
  • Consumption information
  • Thermal power
  • Stored product statistics
  • Maintenance indications
  • Operating refrigerant charge

What do we get out of it?
  • Compressor regulation
  • Fan control
  • Intelligent control of defrosting processes