On September 25 and 26, the Third Symposium on Energy Efficiency was held in Mexico City by ANTAD (National Association of Self-Service and Departmentstores) of which Frost-trol has been a sponsor. This forum aims to promote training, exchange of experiences and networking with representatives of the commercial chains associated with ANTAD through conferences and working tables given by national and refrigeration, lighting, air conditioning, renewable energy and energy markets. At the beginning of the Symposium, Frost-trol was part of the Opportunity and Good Practice ScanS at the Table on Energy Efficiency in Exhibitors for Commercial Refrigeration, in which, through an infrared thermography, the development of a simple air curtain in an open vertical cabinet and the experimental results of the process of loss of efficiency of the air curtain due to poor maintenance of the cabinet. Following the first day of the Symposium, Javier Blanco, Technical Director of Frost-trol, presented the experiences in the use of alternative GWP bass refrigerants to the R404 A in commercial refrigeration, mentioning Frost-trol's firm commitment to the adaptation of the plug-in cabinets into refrigeration systems with R290 (Propane) to accomplish the premises that the F-Gas regulation marks in Europe.