Last Thursday, September 26, a training course on the use of the R290 conducted by Frost-trol and aimed at the Maintenance department was held at the School of Crafts in El Corte Inglés. The course, taught by José Díaz, Frost-trol Engineer, aimed to know the operation of the cabinets to give it the necessary maintenance and its proper functioning. Within the training day we discussed topics related to the different components of the cabinets and the use of the R290, why Frost-trol is committed to this type of refrigerant in terms of the benefits of energy efficiency and sustainability application of it on Frost-trol cabinets. To finish the training, a practical activity was carried out with the cabinets to see on site changes of different components, minimal but necessary repairs the commissioning of the cabinets and the necessary adjustments of the same. The R290 is Frost-trol's firm commitment to plug-in cabinets, thanks to its excellent thermodynamic properties it is a booming natural refrigerant; it also has a 0 ozone depletion and a very low potential for global warming, fundamental requirements to reduce polluting emissions and comply with the European F-Gas Directive, whose ultimate objective is the phasing out of refrigerants that are causing atmospheric warming. Proper maintenance of these cabinets is essential for optimal operating conditions, which is why these training days are basic for the good use of refrigeration cabinets.