On May 17, the Association of Spanish cold companies and its technologies (AEFYT) organized a technical conference in which more than 200 professionals in the sector discussed the most efficient forms of the refrigerant crisis.
Throughout the day, professionals of all kinds of institutions and companies participated in the three roundtables that were destined to expose the impact of Fgas on the market as well as the solutions in commercial and industrial cold.
Isolating refrigerated premises and low temperature zones of the system, reducing the energy used in refrigeration or better analyzing the refrigerants used are some of the solutions that are sought, explained Felix Sanz, assistant manager at AEFYT; "Reuse and recycling are gaining a leading role in the crisis of scarcity in the sector," said Sanz.
Throughout the technical conference, each and every one of the technologies and the alternative gases that the industry is developing to respond in efficiency to the demand of industrial and commercial cold was review. In this day, AEFYT fulfilled one of its priority objectives, which is to put in the hands of its associates all the information that allows them to be more competitive every day, concluded Roberto Solsona, president of AEFYT and CEO of Frost-trol.