Human capital, the most important asset: Frost-trol participates in the debate Castellón Plaza

Frost-trol participated on April 15th in the debate held in the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón, a new breakfast organised by the digital newspaper Castellón Plaza, under the title "Human Capital, the most important asset". in which Juan M. Bastida, HR Director of Frost-trol took part.

Issues such as emotional pay, academic preparation and the visibility of vocational training were some of the topics discussed by the 10 representatives of different leading companies in the province of Castellón.

The variety in the nature of the different sectors represented at the event, and discussed at the table, gave rise to numerous reflections on the different profiles sought in the province and what both the company and the candidate are currently looking for in the organisation.

Finding the "spark". This is one of the greatest challenges that Human Resources professionals face every day in the search for talent; but beyond the requirements for the position in question, "culture, team, project and trust in people; forming teams that allow us to carry out the project". These are the keys to achieving optimal human capital and carrying out a common project aligned with our valuessaid Juan M. Bastida.